Why the 411 Ryan?

Probably the best reason to own a rifle chambered for the 411 Ryan is that it can simplify your shooting and hunting life. That might sound like a strange thing to say about a wildcat but it's true.

The 411 Ryan is essentially in the same class as the 405 Winchester, 375 H&H and the new 375 Ruger. To have a rifle chambered for one of these cartridges the average guy can expect to shell out anywhere from six to eight hundred dollars. If you already own a rifle that can be converted or if you buy a good used rifle to convert you.ll probably save money with the 411 Ryan. Most people will probably find that their 411 is a little lighter than the 405s or 375s, but still feels like it kicks less.

The 411 also avoids some of the problems that people sometimes run into with wildcats. To begin with, the 411 does not require custom dies; standard 405 Winchester dies can be used to reload your cases. To convert a bolt gun with a standard-length action (30-06, 270 Win, 280 Rem) to 411 Ryan, no work has to be done to the magazine or the bolt face. This saves money and ensures that the magazine will hold the same number of rounds it always did.

So far, the 411 Ryan has taken a nice bag of game in and around Montana. Critters ranging from antelope and mountain goat up to elk have been taken with it. The large, heavy bullets tend to pass through things like antelope without opening and thus dp not .blood up. a lot of meat. At the same time, the same bullets open up a bit on elk and leave a very nice wound channel. I have still never recovered a bullet from an elk or any other animal. While I have no experience with African or Alaskan game, the 411 is on par or even a little ahead of some of the stuff that used to be used with great success like the 450/400 and the 404 Jeffery. Put simply, I think it will handle whatever you run into and you.ll never stop finding new uses for it.

While I would never go so far as to say a 411 Ryan is the only rifle you should own, it will do just about anything you want or need it to. I find myself reaching for my wildcat first almost every time I head out for a hunt, and it.s not just because it has my name on it. My 411 is the handiest, most flexible rifle I have ever owned. It is the only rifle I.ve ever owned that did not leave something to be desired at some point during a hunting season that takes me from little, smelly antelope up to big, stinking elk.

I cannot promise that the 411 Ryan will show you the meaning of life or improve your marriage, but it will fill your freezer or your trophy room and, let.s face it, next to that the rest is just gravy anyway.

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